PBLA’s geographic area is the Permian Basin Area of West Texas and New Mexico.  Membership in PBLA is open to landmen engaged in professional land work relating to the energy and/or minerals industry, attorneys-at-law whose practice is related to oil, gas and mineral law, and those involved in work that supports the oil and gas industry. 

    A Landman is defined as a person primarily engaged in negotiating for the acquisition or divestiture of mineral rights and/or negotiating business agreements that provide for the exploration for and/or development of minerals and/or determining the ownership of minerals through the research of public records.  PBLA’s fiscal year is June 1 through May 31.  If you join at any time between June 1 and April 30, you will be billed for the next years dues on the following June 1 which could be as short as one month later.  PBLA does not pro rate dues regardless of your membership joining date with one exception

    Join Date:  June 1 through May 31 - $100 dues.  Exception:  If you join in the month of May, you will receive 13 months membership for $100. 

    Failure to pay the annual dues by June 30 of the dues collection year will result in suspension of membership.  Re-application and approval may be required for reinstatement. 

    ACTIVE MEMBERS:  Membership in PBLA is available to professional landmen regularly engaged in landwork relating to the energy and/or minerals industry and who have had a minimum of one (1) year active experience as a landman. Annual dues are $100. 

    ASSOCIATE MEMBERS:  Associate membership will be available to all persons who are directly and regularly engaged in performing services in the oil and gas industry.  An Associate member may not vote or hold office.  Annual dues are $100. 

    LIFE MEMBERS:  Life membership is available to all active members 65 years of age or older who have a minimum of five consecutive years of active membership.  Life membership dues are $100 per year or an amount at the discretion of the member. 

    For application to become a member of PBLA, please begin by filling out the application and paying online here

    Alternatively, download, fill out, and mail the paper membership application with your check in the amount of $100 to PBLA, Inc., P. O. Box 2292, Midland TX 79702.2292. PBLA does NOT pro-rate dues unless your application date is in May. Our membership year is June 1 through May 31.

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